OzTech - IT Consulting
IT solution provider since 2002
Our main expertise areas are
  • Object-oriented software development,
  • Providing web solutions (from simple internet presence to ajax applications),
  • Relational databases.

WEB Site Development

We have started to develop WEB sites after getting some .

MCPB - Maçonnerie Construction Platrerie Bâtiment

BCNI - travaux de maçonnerie generale et gros œuvre  de bâtiment 

Atlas Meubles

We have a sound experience in the domain of ATM (Air Traffic Management), ATS (Air Traffic Surveillance) and AIM (Aeronautical Information Management. Here are some example projects that we have participated:

PRISME Metadata Manager

PRISME (Pan-European Repository of Information Supporting the Management of EATMP) is an ATM data warehouse that fulfills various information requirements for its external and internal customers. Prisme Metadata Manager provides business semantic layer to PRISME data warehouse.

AIP Audit Assistant

The AAA is an Excel based tool to facilitate a complete inspection of the AIP document. It provides a consistent set of criteria against which to conduct such an audit and the possibility to keep track of the audit results and to generate follow up corrective actions. AAA is designed for a specific product audit. The tool is now being generalised for internal auditing.

CASP (Common AIS Staff Profiling)

One of our consultant was a member of the CASP-DG (CASP Development Group) mainly composed of ECAC State AIS/MAP experts and EUROCONTROL Human Factors and Training specialists. The objective was to develop a series of Common AIS Staff Profiling guidelines and generic tools for use by ECAC AIS Staff and Organisations that would underpin the implementation of harmonised competence management processes in AIS/MAP. Our consultant made research on job analysis methods and suggest a suitable approach to the group, to improve ideas discussed in group meeting and put them in a presentable format and to provide IT support to the CASP-DG.

Service Levels

The objective of the Service Level project was to define a set of consistent, achievable and acceptable AIS Service Levels in order to enable harmonisation, uniformity, benchmarking and comparative assessment. Following the European survey in the summer of 2001, the project has concentrated its effort on the development of AIS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A series of guidelines were provided to deploy KPIs and service level management in an AIS organisation. A EUROCONTROL member state (Switzerland) had successfully used these guidelines to manage their service level agreements in 2003.