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AuditZone v2.5 (Desktop Edition)

AuditZone is an extensible and flexible audit tool developed by using Java and JasperReports. It is multi-platform tool. It is provided as a freeware. We would like to specially thank to Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme (LGS), Estonian ANS, Slovenia Control and Eurocontrol AIM for their feedback to this release.

Currently, we are working to develop user interfaces fror multi-language support. Furthermore, we had some succesful trials to port AuditZone Explorer and Audit Worksheet  into WEB by using GWT (Google WEB Toolkit and iBatis). 


Please read installation instructions before starting installation: Installation Guide v2.5.

Software Downloads (Windows)
Description Link Database
Complete version
with all required 3rd party applications
complete (67M) MySQL
Standalone version
AuditZone & release database
standalone (18M) MySQL
Embedded database 
no installation 
h2 embedded (18M) H2

Document Downloads
Title Link Format
Installation Guide Installation Guide v2.5 pdf
Administration Guide Administration Guide v2.5 pdf
AIP Auditing Quick Guide AIP Auditing Quick Guide 2.5 pdf
Users Guide Users Guide 2.5 pdf

Issue Tracking
Description Link Format
Release 1.1 (from beta to v1.1) AuditZone Issue List v1.1 pdf
Release 2.0 (from v1.1 to v2.0) AuditZone Issue List v2.0 pdf
Release 2.5 (from v2.0 to v2.5) AuditZone Issue List v2.5 pdf