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Open Source

We frequently use open source software during our development. Therefore, whenever our schedule permits we try to publish our experience or work related to open source tools.

Porting Pleso Demo to Netbeans and GWT

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces. Its demonsration program is provided for postgres and eclipse. Since our working environment is based on MySQL and Netbeans, we decided to adapt the demo application to our environment

Software Downloads (Windows)
Description Download Type
Migration Report
Migration report summarizing our experience
migration_report.pdf (1.6M) pdf
MySQL SQL script
MySQL database creation and population script
demo_mysql.sql (5K) SQL script
Netbeans project
Compressed file containing netbeans project with required libraries (iBatis, pleso, MySQL java connector) 
gwt_pleso_mysql_demo.zip (3.2M) zip

Pleso CRUD Code Generator

As the second step of the GWT Pleso Framework trial, we are developing a code generator based on pleso framework and string template. We are going to post our contribution here.